As the Baby Boomer generation ages, there is expected to be an explosion in the field of gerontology. How we age has always been a subject of interesting to the health profession, and to the scientific community. If you want a career in a filed that is likely to be around for quite some time, gerontology might be a good choice for you. If you are interested in human aging, here are 50 of the top blogs on aging and gerontology.

General Blogs on Aging

AgingThe following blogs offer insight into aging, and the issues that older people face.

  1. Fight Aging!: This blog is meant to help you understand the mechanisms behind degenerative aging, and work toward preventing these types of diseases.
  2. The New Old Age: This inspiring blog from The New York Times offers insight into aging issues for those who are older. It’s about what makes old age rewarding, and some of the challenges faced by older Americans.
  3. The 70-Something Blog: Learn about aging and living a full life from Judy, who is chronicling her journey through her decade as a septagenarian.
  4. Alliance for Aging Research: Keep up with the latest research and news in the world of aging.
  5. Aging Issues: Learn about common issues in aging, and read the latest headlines. Helpful hints for aging with grace.
  6. Ageless Lifestyles Radio: Tackles major issues in aging, and helps you com to terms with aging. A great regular podcast on aging.
  7. Ageism in America: A look at issues surrounding age based discrimination in the U.S. Looks at debates and public policy.
  8. Boomers: A look at Baby Boomers, and the issues that are important to this generation.
  9. Consumer Boomer: Interested in the financial issues associated with aging? Consumer Boomer offers insight into the Baby Boomer generation and finances.
  10. The Future of Aging: A peek into the future of aging, and the kinds of issues that affect us going forward.
  11. Ouroboros: An interesting blog that looks at the biology of aging, and reports on research in that area.


LongevityLearn more about long life and what you can do to enjoy a longer life, even though you might be a senior citizen.

  1. Existence is Wonderful: Learn how to live longer — and better.
  2. The Methuselah Foundation Blog: Learn about the latest information in longevity research, and tips to help you enjoy longer life.
  3. Longevity Science: Get a handle on longevity, and the science of living longer.
  4. Longevity: Information on anti-aging, living longer and different ways to extend your lifespan.
  5. Al Fin Longevity: Looks at lifespan science, research into anti-aging and things you can do to live longer.
  6. ChangingAging: A longevity blog about living differently, and changing your views about aging.
  7. Alcor News: If you are interested in cryonics and life extension, this blog offers interesting news and insights on research into suspended animation.
  8. Happy Health Long Life: An evidence-based look at living longer through better living choices.
  9. How to Live a Longer Life: Tips on fighting aging and increase your longevity.
  10. RealAge: Fight aging and live younger by following some of the tips and hints on this blog.
  11. Dr. Mao’s Secrets of Longevity: Read helpful posts on how you can live longer and healthier.

Hospice Care and Elder Care

HospiceAs part of aging and gerontology, it is important to understand that hospice care may be in the picture. You also need a generally good view of elder care. Here are some blogs on these issues.

  1. Hospice Physician’s Blog: Learn about hospice care and gerontology from a physician who works with hospice patients.
  2. GeriPal: A blog about geriatrics and palliative care, and the issues that such care encompasses.
  3. Hospice and Caregiving Blog: Learn more about hospice care, and also about giving care to the elderly.
  4. Alive Hospice Blog: An interesting blog about hospice care, and aging issues.
  5. Risa’s Pieces: Looks at health care policy involving elder care, and a look at aging.
  6. The Nursing Home Administrator: An interesting look at nursing homes and gerontology from someone who oversees a nursing home.
  7. The Caregiver’s Voice: This blog looks at aging from the perspective of a caregiver.
  8. Eldercare ABC: Helpful information on gerontology, aging and caring for elders.
  9. My Elder Advocate: Helpful blog about legal issues surrounding elder care, and addressing problems of abuse.
  10. Death Care Law: Another law blog dealing with elder issues, including death.

Nutrition and Aging

Good foodLearn about better eating, and how what you eat can result in longer life and more graceful aging.

  1. Nutrition and Healthy Eating: Learn to live longer with these healthy eating tips from the Mayo Clinic.
  2. Joy’s Healthy Bite: Learn more about good nutrition, and learn more about different foods that can help keep you younger.
  3. CRON Diary: Learn about different ways to limit your caloric intake, and enjoy a longer life.
  4. Anti Aging Nutrition News: Helpful news on anti-aging and nutrition, and how you can age better, by eating better.
  5. I Ate a Pie: Food review that can help you make better decisions about what you eat.
  6. American Society for Nutrition: Get insights into nutrition from the American Society for Nutrition.
  7. Pinch My Salt: Great recipes with fresh foods that can help you live longer and more richly.
  8. The Ethicurean: Learn about ethical eating habits — habits that can also help your longevity.
  9. The Nutrition Data Blog: Know what’s in your food, and make better decisions for a healthier you.

Better Health

Long lifeYou can age better when you know about better health, and when you are interested in staying healthy.

  1. Senior Health: Latest headlines related to staying healthy as a senior.
  2. Senior Health Blog: Nancy Gowler helps you learn about staying healthy and living better as a senior.
  3. Healthy Aging: The Buck Institute for Age Research offers helpful insight into healthy aging.
  4. Serene Ambition: Learn about aging, boomers, and health.
  5. Better Than I Ever Expected: This senior health blog focuses on sexual health for those over the age of 60.
  6. Learn about yourself, and learn about plastic surgery and other treatments.
  7. A Healthy Blog: Learn about healthcare, and about issues affecting seniors.
  8. FitSugar: Articles on healthy living, nutrition and aging.
  9. World Health: Get news and information on health around the world, and learn about issues related to aging around the world.

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