What Is A Gerontology Degree?

The field of gerontology is one of the fastest growing fields in this country today. The far-reaching applications of various levels of education in this field make it a source of employment for a large number of individuals. Most people, however, are unfamiliar with the term gerontology and, therefore, do not consider getting degrees in this field. This is changing and here’s why.

What Is Gerontology?

Gerontology is essentially the study of aging. It covers the physical, mental, and sociological aspects of the complex process known as aging. Gerontology concerns itself with the processes of aging, changes in individuals as they age, how society affects and is affected by all this, and how all this gathered information can be implemented to help care for the aging population. The demand for those with degrees in this field is growing because the population of the US is getting older. Better medical care is keeping people alive longer so they go on living and aging.

What Field Does A Gerontology Degree Help You Work In?

With a gerontology degree you can find work in almost any field that involves taking care of elderly individuals. The most obvious places of employment would of course be retirement communities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and long term care facilities. You could also work in government agencies.

Specific positions that you could hold if you worked in this field would include positions such as social workers, social scientists, nursing aids, or healthcare managers. Clearly, there are a wide range of positions that you could obtain just from having a degree in gerontology but you could also add a gerontology degree to another degree to increase your skills in working with an aging population. Nurses and occupational therapists are two good examples of where this degree would be beneficial.

Why Pursue A Gerontology Degree?

You might pursue a gerontology degree for a number of reasons. Job security is one that leaps out of the bunch. The growing elderly population means that there is a growing demand for workers with degrees of this type.

Another is the diversity of careers that a Gerontology degree can offer you. You will not be locked into one narrow career path. Instead, you will be able to change if you so desire. Gerontology degrees help you to understand the existence and the needs of an aging population and a gerontology degree helps you to meet those needs.

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