Retirement is that stage of life where a person stops working and leaves away labor force or get semi-retired by reducing working hours. In that hours after retirement a person wishes to enjoy his life as much as possible by doing and learning new things in completely relaxed manner. Following is the list of some web resources useful for elders.

  1. This website is for elders to let them have access to computer technologies as to enable them to have access to computer technologies to enhance their lives and let them to have knowledge and wisdom. It is a non profit organization for computer using adults with age more than 50 and elder. This organization has benefited to millions of seniors and supports 130 Learning Centers throughout the United States.
  2. Bestnetguru: This website is for seniors that can be used for teaching them a little computer. The tutorials provided here are completely for free. The objective of this website is to teach fellow citizens about Internet so they can look at reference from the Internet, or read the news headlines, read weather forecast of a place on the other side of the Globe.
  3. Seniornavigator: It is a non profit organization that provides free information about the health and aging resources to elders. It provides information about senior related issues like health and aging, financial concerns, legal questions, health facilities, exercise programs, support groups and more.
  4. Todaysseniors: This is the website that can help you to enjoy life after retirement and dwindle down some problems that are generated after the retirement. This website is very helpful to teach one about after retirement plans like starting your own business, part time job, consulting, volunteering, mentoring and enjoying lot other leisurely activities.
  5. FamilyCareGiving101: The National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA) and the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) in combined form run this organization. Its50 million family caregivers in this country provide care for chronically ill or aging family members or friends. It is estimated that family caregivers provide some $306 million in services to overburdened American health care system.
  6. Arlington Learning In Retirement Institute: This website is dedicated to high quality courses, interesting special events and enjoyable social activities for every person that is over the age of fifty. Its non degree courses do not requires any testing and paper and provided in range of subjects like Social Sciences, History, Arts and Humanities, Law, Politics and Public Affairs.
  7. Lifetime Learning Institute: IT is an autonomous non-profit, member-run organization serving for providing continuing education opportunities to elder adults from all backgrounds and income levels.