Gerontology is a branch of biology that focuses on the common mechanism of aging across all the multicellular species. This involves studying of their aging phenomena and diseases. There has been an increased interest in this field as a study program thus the introduction of this program to be done online. When online there are many topics that are covered and they are examinable through the internet. All these topics are the same as the ones that are taught at physical colleges.

How to apply
One can apply for the course through the internet in a quick and convenient way. The only thing that you need to have is to be connected to the internet and you are good to go. Before you apply you should decide the college that you want to provide you with the online program, and this college should meet your requirements. To know of the best colleges nowadays you only download the performance of the colleges in recent years. See the performances and choose a college that best suits you, the one that you think can make the best out of the program. After that you go to the college website and download the application form to upload your info. Remember the applications are given a period of time within which they are to be submitted. A late submission will always lead to automatic disqualification and won’t be accepted. In the application you should make sure that you indicate your names properly and the way they appear is the way you will need them in your certificates.

You should also note that there should be an email address that is indicated in the application form so that when the college wants to reach you they can do it easily. It should also indicate your mobile contacts. Payment of fees can also be done through the internet. You will not be allowed to access the program’s tutorials and lessons if you have not paid the fees.

Online exams
Exams are also done online for students who take their lessons online. Remember that if you cheat there are consequences for this act and exams will not be evaluated. Exams online have a specified time in which they are supposed to handed back to the college for marking. Results are also posted via the email addresses of the person examined. You also reach the college through their email addresses for more correspondence regarding the same.