If you are interested in gerontology — the study of the aging — you might be able to get started on a good career path. After all, with Baby Boomers approaching retirement, you are likely to find that the demand for those who are adept at handling the issues related to aging are uniquely qualified for a number of career options. You can help with aging health, providing information for those who are getting older, or you can be involved in some other way.

You will also find that many of those who work with an aging population can see opportunities in other areas. Many seniors are trying to figure out how to retire. Whether they want to find new ways to travel, learn how to make their nest egg last longer, or just learn to relax a little more, there are plenty of questions that need answering.

If you plan to work with the aging population, you can find a number of helpful resources on the Internet. You will find a number of web sites designed to answer questions about aging, as well as about retirement. Here are 13 useful Q&A sites about aging and about retirement: