One of the most important aspects in studying for a master’s in gerontology is long-term elderly care. Seniors often need to be placed into nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or some other form of long-term care during their lives. But with news, laws, and regulations coming in on a regular basis, it can be difficult to keep up with it all.

To help, we have gathered 40 informative forums on long-term elderly care. They contain the latest discussions on the topic, as well as the many others that relate to it such as law and money. There are even a few to help you choose the best long-term care and get the latest expert advice.

Informative Forums on Elderly Care

  1. The Elder Care Forum
    This forum has tons of topics on all sorts of items pertaining to elder care. They include Alzheimer’s, family dynamics, and even a few legal ones. Be sure to visit the main site, which includes more helpful information.
  2. A Place for Mom’s Family
    Pamela, Brian, and John created this forum to help you connect with others who are coping with the same elder care challenges. Join them to get answers to your questions, share your experiences, or help answer other’s questions. There are literally hundreds of posts on many topics.
  3. Senior Health & Care
    Stop here to get a forum that is part of Factoidz. Questions are often asked and answered here, including in this special section for seniors. Recent questions are on Medicare prescriptions and successful aging.
  4. Our Parents
    They are designed to assist you and your aging parents. Get a forum for the children of those needing long term elderly care here. There are also sections on nursing homes, assisted living, in home care, and more.
  5. Mr. Long Term Care
    He specializes in letting “care be our long term commitment.” Check out his forum, which has mostly questions on long term care insurance. Check out the learning center with more.
  6. Care Talk
    They are part of Transitions, Inc. Elder Care Consulting. Check out the forum to see the answers to questions such as activity ideas, fixation in elderly adults, and more. The main site has loads more.
  7. Caregiver Forum
    Visit here to get forums specifically in advice and information. The forum stands out for having anonymous caregivers as well as family members post topics. Simply scroll down to get the latest, or look up by your topic of choice.
  8. Aging Parents and Elder Care
    Scroll down here to begin reading their forum. The forums include topics on defensive caregiving, toxic parents, and much more. The main site also has links to other resources.

Informative Forums for Senior Citizens

    Click here to get one of the leading online communities for seniors. They have sections on health, housing, entertainment, and more. A free membership gives you the option to share an online profile.
  2. Senior Site
    Get everything from mortgage information to dating tips on this site. There are special community sections for singles, finances, history, and more. You can also read the latest news on the homepage.
  3. Worldwide Seniors
    See how long term care and other topics are done overseas with a visit here. This forum is for senior citizens all over the world. Simply sign up to begin posting, or begin reading right away.
  4. Senior Women
    Get a forum just for senior women by stopping here. They have sections on culture, relationships, shopping, money, and health. They even list the most popular articles on the homepage.
  5. Women in our 60’s
    Visit here for a meeting place for just what the title promises. There are support groups, health information, and more. You can even read more about famous women over 60.
  6. 39 and Over
    Although the starting age isn’t for seniors, there are many members here who are. They have resources for both patients and caregivers, as well as an area to ask and answer questions. You can also scroll down to get the latest articles.
  7. Laterlife
    They have forums, but the real draw here is the current and useful articles on life as a senior. There is also a blog, classifieds, and much more. They even have a retirement group.
  8. Pen Pals for Seniors
    If all this online contact is too impersonal, stop here. This site specializes in getting senior citizens connected to pen pals. Stop by to be matched up with someone, as well as other related resources.

Informative Forums on Specific Elderly Care

  1. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
    This is the official site of both and is run by the Department of Health and Human Services. If you have a common question involving Medicare or Medicaid, stop here to look it up. Most popular answers are on CMS and the purpose of the National Provider Identifier.
  2. TOS 50
    This is the forum for The Other Side of 50 network. They have ten different forums to choose from, including one on health and wellness. The main site also has the latest news for seniors.
  3. Sage Crossroads
    SAGE Crossroads is the premier online forum for emerging issues of human aging. They tackle issues like the senior boom, new discoveries in science, and technology. Be sure not to miss the Sagecasts with even more on the topic.
  4. National Senior Living Providers Network
    Visit here for a forum for those working in long term elderly care. They have all the site activity on this page, which includes topic postings. There is also more on the main site.
  5. Seniors Network
    Senior citizens living in the UK will enjoy this network. It includes the latest news on local developments in elderly care and beyond. There are many topics to choose form including health, insurance, money, and more.
  6. NHS Communities
    Stop here for another forum for those living in the UK. This is part of the National Health Service and has people from across the country posting on health topics. You can also get the latest news, careers, and more.
  7. Senior Years
    Senior citizens living in Canada will enjoy a visit here. They have tips, advice, and news on senior living in the country. You can get a multitude of columns, as well as articles, news, and links.
  8. Early Retirement Forum
    If thinking about retiring or have already done so, check out this forum. It has loads of tips on how to do it, along with how to live well after. There is even a special thread on health.

Informative Forums on Nursing Homes

  1. Nursing Home Compare
    Use this tool from Medicare to compare and review nursing homes. In four steps, you can be connected to more information on nursing homes in your area to help you choose. There are also loads of guides on rights, ratings, how to choose, and even a checklist.
  2. The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long Term Care
    They help provide the elderly and their families with a voice in the consumer world. They have sections just for residents, family members, and advocates. Check out the latest policy advocacy and news on the homepage.
  3. Free Nursing Home Reports
    Get free reports on how nursing homes are doing with a visit to this site. They offer three different ways to get them including on the site, reports compiled by state, and from federal inspection agencies.
  4. Retirement Review
    Elizabeth James and others bring you this source for retirement info, reviews on retirement communities, reviews on assisted living, and more. They have reviews for the U.S., as well as Canada and overseas. You can also get tips on assisted living and the best places to retire.
  5. Gilbert Guide
    They feature assisted living and independent living options for every lifestyle. Get reviews in your area with just a visit. There are also sections for finance, legal, and Medicare.
  6. Cite Health
    Independent reviews of healthcare providers are featured on this site. In this section, you can get nursing home reviews by state. Other pages include hospitals and dialysis centers.
  7. Member of the Family
    Use this site to “get the nursing home care your loved one deserves.” They provide information about 16,000 Medicare/Medicaid-certified nursing homes in the United States, including easy-to-understand reports based on recent government surveys.

Informative Blogs on Long-Term Elderly Care

  1. Eldercare ABC Blog
    They are all About Being Connected. Get the latest in news and views on elder care with a visit here. A few of the most popular articles are on protection from financial elder abuse and how to deal with aging parents.
  2. ElderCare Link
    Carol Bradley Bursack is the editor here and cared for a neighbor and six elderly family members. Check out her latest takes on the senior care in her blog.
  3. Steve’s Senior Care Blog
    Steve Monroe is partner and editor of the “The Senior Care Investor” and “The Senior Care Acquisition Report.” Get serious news on the senior care side with a read of his blog. You can also get loads more on related topics on his main site.
  4. Senior Care Blog
    This blog is part of Vida Inc. Senior Resources. In addition to reading the latest blog posts, you can also be connected to a senior care advisor to chat. Categories include assisted living, caregiver relief, and others.
  5. Caregiver List
    Caregiverlist provides a premiere service connecting seniors and professional caregivers with the most reliable eldercare options, highest quality ratings, and outstanding careers nationwide. The blog has the latest stats and tips for how to do just that. You can also get information on caregiving jobs.
  6. Caregiving
    Stop here for the official long term care blog from the AARP. The newest entries and spotlight discussions are featured on the homepage. You can also check out the resource center for tools, worksheets, and tips on how to plan and succeed as a caregiver.
  7. Changing Aging
    This is the official blog of Ecument, which offers loads of services to seniors. Get the latest in senior news, as well as tips for care, with a visit. The main site also has more resources for seniors.
  8. Senior Care Blog
    Click here for a blog on elder care and senior health. It is part of Eldercare 101. Blog posts are often their weekly newsletter with links to stories.
  9. Senior Care Stories Blog
    Get true life stories on senior care in this blog. Categories include finance, health, relationships, and more. The latest was on real estate dealings.

Remember that the above 40 informative forums on long term elderly care are just for informative purposes only. Only you and your family can decide what is best when choosing long term care for a senior.

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