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Guide to Masters in Gerontology Schools and Programs

Gerontology is a fast growing field that studies the aging process. In a world where 40 is the new 20, there are major strides being done in gerontology. Most careers are in the research field and involve having a masters or PhD in the subject. Gerontology studies both the way the brain and body age, including how it varies in different parts of the world, how it changes from generation to generation and how statistics change according to a person's pre-determined genetic background. By the year 2030, the number of people age 55 and older will practically double, exceeding 30% of the U.S. population.

Many areas that currently operate as they have for decades will develop departments or experts working with the elderly. Those with a masters in gerontology will be equipped to handle seniors in various capacities. For families who may not be with their elderly loved ones due to work or family commitments, a gerontology specialist can handle issues for a senior that a family member would typically do if he or she were close by. While these things may be trivial such as finding a housekeeper or landscaper, it can also involve difficult tasks such as finding the right senior community for a person or finding a special doctor the senior needs to begin seeing.

Special Certifications for Gerontology

Many jobs that people currently have will grow to have a specialized area working with seniors. With this comes special certifications for gerontology. Someone with a masters in gerontology may also obtain these special certifications to further their career options and expertise in a select area. While these special certifications for gerontology may not be required for some jobs, it allows potential employers and clients to feel secure in their decision to have you handle jobs specific to seniors. For such a specialized field, additional certification is often seen as important for a person as a degree. This is because previous to this boom in seniors, gerontology primarily focused on care taking and the medical field. Baby boomers will contribute to healthy, able-bodied seniors enjoying an active lifestyle well into their 60s and 70s.

Careers to Pursue with a Masters in Gerontology

Because the number of older people is on the rise, there are many career opportunities for those who specialize with senior citizens. From social workers to geriatric care in nursing homes and hospitals, those with a masters in gerontology will be equipped to handle senior citizens in many capacities, from communication skills to expertise in how to make their lives more manageable when living on their own or without 24/7 care from a nurse or caretaker.

Gerontology social worker

Social workers are high in demand for working with senior citizens and this boom will continue for several decades. Social workers work in many capacities, including teaching senior citizens about their rights and helping them file the proper paperwork for health benefits and social security. There are various areas of expertise when it comes to gerontology social work, such as mental health, diversity and drug and alcohol abuse. Most of these problems present themselves when a person is young or middle-aged, but continue through becoming a senior citizen, whether an older person is still using or struggling with keeping clean.

Administrative gerontologist

An administrative gerontologist may also have a background in psychology. The primary job here is to help the elderly when filing paperwork, whether that's Medicaid or applying for housing in a nursing home. An administrative gerontologist can also oversee a nursing home's clerical work or serve as a go-to person in a hospital specializing in elderly care. An administrative gerontologist often has a background in social services.

Research gerontologis

A research gerontologist studies the aging process and how it is affecting society. Research gerontologists also study how seniors are adapting in modern society and what can be done to help them function as people live longer. In the coming decades, life expectancy will be around 85 years old. This is because the quality of life is improving and we will have millions of elderly Americans. Establishments and laws may have to be altered to accommodate this onslaught of senior citizens and research gerontologists will help us target those areas and make those changes.

Gerontology consultant

In this position, a gerontology consultant will help businesses plan for accommodating the elderly. A research gerontologist will help target these changes on a large scale. A gerontology consultant will help bring these changes to individual projects, including nursing home communities, elderly communities (those operating without medical or care taking staff) or human resources department who have elderly employees. A gerontology consultant may also help businesses market to seniors, whether it's an individual product or a place.

Senior Real Estate Specialist

With so many elderly people, the housing market will change in coming decades. Senior real estate specialists will focus on housing specifications that suit an elderly person's needs. This might include making adjustments to a home or finding a unit in a community aimed at seniors. This is area will continue to grow. Senior real estate specialists may be self-employed or may work for a real estate agency that has agents specializing with a certain demographic.

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Looking for a gerontology college?

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