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I suspect that the ex-progress label will not be warranted, information margins, which aren't as good as voice margins, are going to still grow a lot. Micro lending appears to be the place one of the best returns are and that is the place African bank dominate with a loan e book of R44.6bn, greater than double Capitec's. African Bank have launched outcomes for the six months to end March 2012 this morning, as previously indicated to us. I feel the company could be very well positioned to profit from the African progress story. AND, there are pilot applications for both funeral insurance in addition to a car financing division, which has extended 94 million Rand to date. However we favor to remain away, not because of the corporate or its management (who do happen to pay themselves very well), but because we keep away from the entire sector. Their complete livelihood depends on the success of the franchise so you would imagine they are run effectively. Regardless of the case, the European issues will linger for some time to come back, the degrees of the broader market are still comparatively cheap. Vodafone needs the cash, they do not likely care that the debt levels rise I suppose, and as Paul said, with these money flows from Vodacom, the banks will not worry an excessive amount of about extending longer traces of credit.

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Nothing to worry about as a long term holder. Spain now, because of Greece, that is the true worry you see, the Grexit sparking larger issues for the remainder of Europe with Spain and Italy more than just issues. Both these companies commerce below their all time highs of the most important PE enlargement we've ever seen, again in late 1999 and early 2000. Coke pays a 51 cents per share dividend per quarter now, versus a 15 cent dividend when it traded at that every one time high, quite clearly the stock was overvalued at that time. Data is the future, while it's small for now, you can see the explosion in smartphones and the sturdy development that we've got seen in knowledge income. Data revenue grew 23.6 percent while information customers grew almost 50 p.c to 15.1 million folks. The group has had a busy 12 months buying Milky Lane and Juicy Lucy while opening up 146 new restaurants, 113 of them in South Africa and 33 North of our border.

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We suspect that a growing center class in South Africa will continue to grow their credit score profiles as they try and get forward. Leave that for the moment, let us concentrate on these numbers from the number one mobile phone firm in South Africa. It was the specialist banking phase (which is chargeable for 52% of income) that let the group down with working earnings decreasing by 30.2%. Again the South African division did superb. Simple, let me attempt to explain what's going to happen. In the presentation the corporate says that they may continue to payout not less than ninety p.c of headline earnings per share. Ok, headline earnings increased 25 p.c to 1.37 billion Rands, almost all of it from the banking unit, the furniture unit is slowly turning around. 5.2 %. Sounds good to me. Nice. We have been saying, Ok, the whole e-book is 47 billion Rand and is roughly one tenth of the scale of ABSA's total e book, but as Paul identified, ABSA has had a century and a half to build their ebook.

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That is good to top 10 crypto exchanges in india see for our economies sake. I guess bitcoin biggest investors in a world of choices why would you invest in a bank that has exposure to struggling economies when there are higher options on the market. Gold stocks rocked because the Rand weakened and there was renewed buying for bullion, you know, the price is just "too low" proper now. Well, US domiciled firms have modified their sales combine geographically, into a lot quicker growing parts of the world. Which means he actually doesn't wish to attend, because in his mind Russia is the greatest country on the planet. Why is this price point necessary? That is why folks will pay up for the stock, the yield is wonderful. The place will it close by the time the dust has settled? The platform provides new users a 14-day free trial, but after that it prices you 29 USD per thirty days, 75 USD for 3 months or 250 USD if you purchase the service one year. That's up from 38.6% final year. Making Russian bears with sore heads look more pleasant than what they are. As promised yesterday we will look on the Vodacom outcomes from yesterday, we ran short of time once more.

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